Can Xanax Help to Lose Weight?

Also referred to as Alprazolam, Xanax, a medicine used mainly for managing anxiety disorders, may also lead to weight loss amongst some users. However, the weight loss will vary for different people and may present due to varying reasons. The reasons behind losing weight for one person may be dissimilar for the weight loss of a different Xanax user. For instance, users may lose weight due to: changes in body composition, appetite alteration, and modified metabolic rates and energy levels, amongst other reasons.

Also, whenever it is the first time a patient is using the medication, there may be excessive hormonal imbalances, which may contribute to significant weight losses. Other new patients will experience added panic attacks before their bodies get used to Xanax. The same may lead to fear, hence shifted appetite levels. Thus, the user may lose much weight within a shorter period.

Further Explanations for Weight Loss Reasons in Xanax Users

Gastrointestinal Effects

According to the researches done, Xanax may contribute to gastrointestinal reactions amongst several users. For instance, with the clinical trials done for individuals suffering from panic attacks, diarrhea was one of the gastro side effects, which would contribute to quick weight loss. This results from water loss, reduced food absorption, and storage of energy.

Loss of Muscle

Other researches indicate that the weight loss associated with Xanax is due to muscle catabolism. It comes about due to the myorelaxant result of the medication, which contributes to lower muscular output, hence muscle reduction. Over time, such issues will lead to the patient losing their lean mass, thus overall body weight loss.

Change in Taste Buds

Some users of Alprazolam may have altered taste senses. The usual food might end up tasting nasty. Furthermore, the chewed form of the medication may leave behind a horrible or sour taste, hence lowers one’s appetite. Usually, reduced appetite affects the amount of daily calorie intake required in the body. The result will be a drastic weight loss for the patient.

Shift in Metabolism

There may be a drastic metabolism shift while using Xanax. For instance, an individual’s rate of resting metabolism may speed up unusually, hence leading to increased weight loss.

Instances of Nausea and Vomiting

There’s more reliable evidence of nausea and vomiting as a side effect for most panic disorder patients using Alprazolam. Extreme cases will usually cause further appetite loss, hence lower calorie intake in the body, leading to weight loss. Such cases also interrupt the normal food absorption process in the body, thus contributes to the body’s dehydration, and therefore, additional weight loss.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety disorder affects individuals’ weight differently. Instances of anxiety may automatically induce appetite suppression. As you begin the Xanax treatment for the same, there may be effects on your metabolism, hence suppressing your appetite, leading to weight loss.

Impairment on Cognition

Cognitive impairment usually presents as a side effect of Alprazolam. If the use of Xanax affects your cognition in any manner, there may be instances of memory deficits or impairment. Such may contribute to the individual forgetting about their mealtimes. The frequent skipping of meals may contribute to significant weight loss.

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