Can you Buy Xanax (Alprazolam) Anxiety Medication Online – Prescription Info, Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

What is Xanax Used for?
What does it do with central nervous system?
How to Take
Can the body build up a tolerance?
How long do Xanax Effects last? 
Medications to clear Xanax
WithDrawal Symptoms
Side Effects
Smoking or Snorting Xanax Dangers
How to Detox from Xanax
Xanax vs. SSRI
Xanax and Methadone Abuse

How to Buy Xanax Online

What is xanax used for ?

Xanax is mostly used to control anxiety disorders or as a temporary relief from anxiety symptoms. Tension or Anxiety which are normally related to stress of day to day life generally doesn’t have the need of treatment. These general anxiety disorder are usually characterized by impractical or too much anxiety and worry concerning one or more circumstances in life. They can go for 6 months or for a longer period, in which the individual gets troubled more by these concerns. If these conditions are not treated immediately they can manifest into a dangerous condition that may need administration of concomitant drugs to be cured. Thus within 2 weeks of anxiety you can take Xanax as per the physician instruction.

What does xanax do?

Xanax belongs to a group of drugs known as benzodiazepines. These benzodiazepines are normally mild sedatives that work by decelerating the central nervous system (CNS) and the brain. It assists in relaxing the body, which reduces anxiety in return. It as well helps people to get sleep.

What are Xanax bars?

Xanax bar is a colloquial speech term for alprazolam. This nickname originated as a result of the shape of these rectangular tablets.

How to Buy Xanax Online ?

If your physician prescribes xanax to you, ensure to that you get it from a trustworthy pharmacy. If you purchase it online, make sure that you get the real xanax. The majority of the sites that sell xanax online might be selling possibly dangerous fake xanax. Take your time to get a reputable online vendor. This is not that strict drugs like narcotics or psychotic but it is advisable to see a physician before getting the drug. This ensures you get enough dose and he or she can direct you to trusted vendors.

How to Take for Best Results

Xanax is a prescription drug mainly used in the treatment of panic and anxiety disorders, this drug should never be used without the supervision of a medical proffesional and should only be used as prescribed. Xanax was approved by the FDA in 1981.


The body can sometimes build up a tolerance to drugs when taken over a long period of time. Tolerance is defined, by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as a process where the brain becomes used to a dose of a drug. It will stop causing the same effect, euphoria, like it used to. If a drug is being used to get this specific effect the user would need to increase the dose for the same effect. When you develope a tolerance to xanax under the care of a medical proffesional, then your doctor will work with you to adjust the dose so that you get the good benefits without taking too large of a dose or they will switch you to a new medication.

Most psychiatrists lean toward using antidepressants over benzodiaepines to manage anxiety symptoms, they may also suggest that in addition to any medication they prescribe you also seek the help of a counselor. Behaviors connected to anxiety disorders can be treated by a mental health profesionals and prescriptions, such as xanax, are yoused to treat the emotional aspect.

If you are about to take Xanax for the first time, you will no doubt have some questions. You will want to know how long the effects last and what factors influence how long the medication stays in your system. You will of course also be interested to know what happens if you stop taking the medication.


Xanax is available in 0.25, 0.5, 1, and 2 milligram tablets. The higher dosages of Alprazolam are generally metabolized by the body more slowly. The amount of time you have been taking the medication also plays a part in how long the effects of the drug will stay in your body. For those who have regularly been taking Xanax for a long time, the drug is present in higher concentrations in the bloodstream; logically it will therefore take the body longer to fully eliminate Xanax. However, due to the tolerance of the drug that builds up over time, you won’t feel the effect of the drug for longer.


Overdosing on xanax is a very rare occurance, but it still happens. When you take xanax in larger doses than prescribed it increases the risk that you might overdose. There are some symptoms that are related to xanax overdose that you can watch for. They include but are not limited too:

Confusion, loss of motor control, shaking, increased heart rate, hallucinations, slurred speach, fainting, nausea, vomiting, spasms, depression, difficulty breathing,chest pains, and can lead to coma.

Misuse of any drug can lead to addiction and many physical and mental conditions. It is reccomended that you do not take more than 4 miligrams in a 24 hour period. If you believe that you are addicted speak to a medical proffessional and seek out a detox and rehab program.

Alcohol use with Xanax

When taken together, Xanax and Alcohol have a synergistic effect, the effects of the drug being increased. When taken in combination, it also takes the body longer to clear Xanax; there are dangerous side effects of combining the drug with alcohol including fatal overdose.

How Long After Taking Xanax Do your Feel the Effects?

As Xanax is an oral medication, it is rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream; this means that in less than any hour you can start feeling the effects. Between one and two hours after ingesting Xanax the medication will be at peak levels in the bloodstream. If you regularly take Xanax, you will build up a tolerance; this means that it may take longer to feel the effects of the sedative, or the medication may no longer have the same strong effect it had at first.

When Will The Effects Wear Off?

A tested method to find out how long the effects of a drug will last is to look at its half-life; this is the period of time necessary for half of the drug to no longer be in your system. In Xanax, the half-life is generally around 11 hours; this means that half of the dose will be eliminated from the body in around 11 hours. However, the exact timescale will differ according to the metabolism of the individual. In fact, the half-life of the medication Xanax can be anywhere between 6.3 and 26.9 hours.

For a drug to be fully eliminated from the body takes several half-lives; in the case of Xanax this is normally somewhere between 2 and 4 days. It is important to note however that you will stop feeling the sedative effect of the drug long before your body is fully clear of it. For this reason you may have a prescription for Xanax that is split into 3 doses each day.

Influencing Factors

There are various factors that will influence how long it takes for your body to be clear of Xanax, including:

  • Your Age
  • Your Race
  • Your Weight
  • Liver Function
  • Metabolic Rate
  • Length of time you have been taking Xanax
  • The daily dosage you have been taking
  • Other medications you regularly take

Other medications to clear Xanax

The pathway known as cytochrome P450 3A (CYP3A) is used by the body to clear Xanax. Drugs that inhibit this pathway therefore make it harder for the body to efficiently break down Xanax, the effects of the drug lasting longer. Some of the most common drugs that increase the timescale for excretion of Xanax from the body are:

  • Azole antifungal agents. These include itraconazole and ketoconazole
  • Antidepressants such as Nefazodone (Serzone)
  • Fluvoxamine (Used in the treatment of OCD)
  • The antibiotics clarithromycin and erythromycin
  • Heartburn medication such as cimetidine (Tagamet)
  • Opioid pain medication such as propoxyphene
  • Birth control pills

On the other hand, the process of CYP3A can be sped up by certain medications, these drugs breaking down Xanax in the body faster. These include the drug Tegretol that is used to control seizures; St. John’s wort is another example.

It is important to note that there is no notable difference in the half-life of the drug between men and women.


The older you are, the longer the half-life of Xanax; in younger healthy adults the half-life is 11 hours, compared with 16.3 hours in healthy elderly people.


The half-life of Xanax is seen to be longer for overweight individuals. In obese adults, the average half-life is 21.8 hours and ranges between 9.9 and 40.4 hours.


Asians who take Xanax experience a longer half-life than Caucasians; this increase can be up to 25%.


The amount of time necessary for Xanax to leave the body is decreased in people with a high metabolism; this group of people includes those who exercise regularly and generally have faster metabolisms than their sedentary counterparts.

Liver function

People who suffer from alcoholic liver disease take longer to metabolize and break down Xanax; the half-life for people with liver disease is around 19.7 hours.

Withdrawal symptoms

It is not recommended to stop taking Xanax abruptly due to the serious withdrawal symptoms you may experience such as:

  • Feeling restless and uneasy (dysphoria)
  • Insomnia
  • Cramps
  • Sweating, tremors, and convulsions
  • Vomiting
  • Hallucinations

To prevent withdrawal, the medication should be tapered off gradually, decreasing the daily dosage by 0.5mg every third day.

When Xanax is prescribed for panic disorder, the dosage is usually more than 4mg daily. Such high dosages can make tapering more difficult, and in such cases, your doctor will discuss with you a safe way to stop taking Xanax.


In healthy adults, the body should be clear of Xanax four days after stopping taking the medication; this timescale however will depend on factors such as age, weight, dosage, and race. Make sure your doctor is aware of other medications you are taking when you are prescribed Xanax. Never exceed the recommended dosage of Xanax, even if you think that it’s not working; high dosages can lead to overdose and other dangerous side effects. It is possible to overdose of Xanax, especially if you take it together with opioid pain medication or together with alcohol.

Benzodiazepines are available on prescription, but are associated with serious health risk and dependence when taken for extended periods of time. If you want to quit Xanax, do so only with the help of your doctor; withdrawing alone can be very dangerous.

If you notice that you are taking xanax in larger doses than prescribed because you enjoy the rush that it gives, because you cannot stop yourself, or because you begin to go through withdrawl, this may mean that you have developed an addiction to it.

What are Xanax Side Effects?

Just like any other drugs, xanax comes with its side effects too. These effects include dizziness, drowsiness, increased production of saliva or change in sexual drive capability may perhaps occur. If one or several of these effects persists or deteriorates, talk to your doctor or your pharmacist as soon as possible.

To reduce lightheadedness and, dizziness, you are supposed to get up unhurriedly when rising from a supine or a seated position. Keep in mind that the doctor has prescribed you this drug since he or she has evaluated that the benefit of it will be more than the risk of it side effects on you. The majority of the people using this drug normally don’t experience severe side effects.

The danger of severe side effects of xanax (like slow or shallow breathing, serious dizziness or drowsiness may perhaps get increased if this drug is taken together with other products that might also cause breathing problems or drowsiness. These Side effects occurs regularly at the start of treatment and normally go upon continuous use of the medication.

Other side effects include :

• Dizziness

• Poor coordination

• Dry mouth

• Lack of focus

• Fatigue among others

Smoking or Snorting Xanax Dangers and Solutions

The use of any prescription drug should only be done under the supervision of a doctor and doctors instructions should always be followed when using any for of prescription drug.

Some people, however, still misuse prescription drugs such as xanax. When a person does there are two main ways that the drug is use, snorting and smoking. These two ways of using xanax allows the user to feel the effects faster, but this also carries a great deal of risk.

Snorting consists of crushing the pill for of xanax into a fine powder. Then it is sectioned out into lines and then is sniffed up the nose using rolled up paper or straw.

The drug then goes through the bodies blood stream by way of the soft tissue in the nasal cavity. Using drugs in this manner can give feelings of extreme pleasure, also known as a high. Using this method forces the xanax to work faster, with the prescribed pills the effects are released over a longer period of time and some people enjoy the rush from getting the full effect all at oonce.

Crushing and snorting affects the brain chemestry and can lead to long term substace abuse. This method also damages the nasal passages, causes vomiting, increased heart rate, seizures, and can put the user into a coma.

There is less known about the method of smoking xanax than snorting, however, when xanax is crushed into a fine powder it is also able to be smoked. Some people have written about mixing xanax powder with different benzodiazepines, also refered to as benzos, into tabacco. The smoking of xanax is extremely dangerous under any condition but particularly when mixed with any other drug, prescription or recreational.

If you are having problems with drug use or addiction it is recommended that you contact a proffesional and seek help.

Xanax is one of the more popular benzodiazepines that are prescribed to those suffering from people suffering from anxiety and panic disorders. In some rare cases it is also used to treat premenstral symptoms.

Xanax is used to slow brain activity, this is why it is used in anxiety patients, but it can also cause brain damage. Since the 1970s the medical community has expresses growing concern about the side effects of xanax.

For quite some time scientists have studied the long term effects of using benzodiazepines. Xanax also affects the body and not just the brain. Some of the side effects include but are not limmited to sleepiness, weight changes, constipation, dry mouth, excessive salivation, and difficulty focusing. It is important to note that the side effects of xanax can occur even when it is used as prescribed.

Any use of xanax that is used outside of the scope of a medical practitioner is considered recreational use. Most people that use xanax recreationaly often become permanently dependant on it and knock off versions of the drug are sold on the streets by dealers. Please always remember that prescription drugs are dangerous under the best circumstances and can be deadly when misused.

Also referred to as Alprazolam, Xanax, a medicine used mainly for managing anxiety disorders, may also lead to weight loss amongst some users. However, the weight loss will vary for different people and may present due to varying reasons. The reasons behind losing weight for one person may be dissimilar for the weight loss of a different Xanax user. For instance, users may lose weight due to: changes in body composition, appetite alteration, and modified metabolic rates and energy levels, amongst other reasons.

Also, whenever it is the first time a patient is using the medication, there may be excessive hormonal imbalances, which may contribute to significant weight losses. Other new patients will experience added panic attacks before their bodies get used to Xanax. The same may lead to fear, hence shifted appetite levels. Thus, the user may lose much weight within a shorter period.

Further Explanations for Weight Loss Reasons in Xanax Users

Gastrointestinal Effects

According to the researches done, Xanax may contribute to gastrointestinal reactions amongst several users. For instance, with the clinical trials done for individuals suffering from panic attacks, diarrhea was one of the gastro side effects, which would contribute to quick weight loss. This results from water loss, reduced food absorption, and storage of energy.

Loss of Muscle

Other researches indicate that the weight loss associated with Xanax is due to muscle catabolism. It comes about due to the myorelaxant result of the medication, which contributes to lower muscular output, hence muscle reduction. Over time, such issues will lead to the patient losing their lean mass, thus overall body weight loss.

Change in Taste Buds

Some users of Alprazolam may have altered taste senses. The usual food might end up tasting nasty. Furthermore, the chewed form of the medication may leave behind a horrible or sour taste, hence lowers one’s appetite. Usually, reduced appetite affects the amount of daily calorie intake required in the body. The result will be a drastic weight loss for the patient.

Shift in Metabolism

There may be a drastic metabolism shift while using Xanax. For instance, an individual’s rate of resting metabolism may speed up unusually, hence leading to increased weight loss.

Instances of Nausea and Vomiting

There’s more reliable evidence of nausea and vomiting as a side effect for most panic disorder patients using Alprazolam. Extreme cases will usually cause further appetite loss, hence lower calorie intake in the body, leading to weight loss. Such cases also interrupt the normal food absorption process in the body, thus contributes to the body’s dehydration, and therefore, additional weight loss.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety disorder affects individuals’ weight differently. Instances of anxiety may automatically induce appetite suppression. As you begin the Xanax treatment for the same, there may be effects on your metabolism, hence suppressing your appetite, leading to weight loss.

Impairment on Cognition

Cognitive impairment usually presents as a side effect of Alprazolam. If the use of Xanax affects your cognition in any manner, there may be instances of memory deficits or impairment. Such may contribute to the individual forgetting about their mealtimes. The frequent skipping of meals may contribute to significant weight loss.

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