Xanax and Adderall – Is it possible to mix?

Adderall is known to treat people with hyperactivity and it can help a person stay alert. Xanax, on the other hand, is used to treat people with anxiety. It can help them feel calm and relaxed. These two drugs can be dangerous when they are taken together. They may not be as effective and they can also lead to some dangerous side effects.

Dangers of Mixing Adderall and Xanax


Adderall and Xanax have controlled substances. They can lead to dependence is they are misused. Taking them together can increase the chance of addiction.

Decreased Effectiveness

When they are taken together neither drug will work for the condition they are meant to treat. Adderall is a stimulant and can decrease the effects of Xanax. A person may have trouble sleeping or they may feel more panicked. Xanax can make a person tired and decrease the effects of Adderall. This will defeat the purpose of taking either of the drugs.

How to Be Safe

There may be some reasons why a person may want to take Xanax while they are taking Adderall. If a person is having trouble sleeping or if they have been diagnosed with a panic or anxiety disorder, this medication can help.

A person needs to speak to their doctor. Adderall can interact with many different drugs. Before mixing medication it is important to get approval from the doctor. This includes any over the counter medicines. It may not be safe to take with Xanax and taking that drug alone may not solve any problems they are having.

The doctor may be able to help find an alternative treatment for anxiety or trouble sleeping. If Adderall is leading to trouble sleeping it should not be taken past 10 am. If this does not have the doctor may need to change the dose of the scheduled treatment time. They may need to take it even earlier so the effects will wear off by the time they are ready to go to bed.

Xanax is not approved to treat sleeping problems. This medication is not prescribed to help a person sleep at night. It can lead to drowsiness but is not designed to go against the sleeping problems that may be caused by Adderall.

Talk to the Doctor

If a person is wondering about mixing medication they should ask if any of their medications will interact with the Adderall of Xanax. A person should also ask what other medications can help with the symptoms they are experiencing. They should also ask if anything in their lifestyle can be leading to the problem and if there are any changes they should make. A person should work with their doctor to make sure they are using these medications safely and correctly. They may be able to recommend safe alternatives.

Anxiety and Adderall

If a person is feeling anxious while they are on Adderall they need to speak with their doctor. They may be able to take a nonstimulant such as Strattera that this will not cause anxiety.

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