How to Detox from Xanax and other Benzodiazepine Drugs

Detoxing from Benzodiazepine or other Benzo anti-anxiety drugs that are prescribed such as valium, Xanax, Atavan, and Paxil is recommend by the Benzo Detox Center. It is recommended for those who are having difficulty withdrawing under supervision from their doctor. Providing that correct nutrition is giving and integrative medicine is used, it possible to fully detox in just a couple of weeks.

Caution: Failure to follow correct detox protocol can mean that the detox process actually takes years as opposed to weeks. There is a lot of ignorance in traditional medical practices about the latest and most integrated medical techniques that are used for withdrawing from Benzodiazepine. When integrative medical methods are used as specialized centers for detox, these problems don’t exist.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Benzodiazepine Withdrawal at Integrative Medical Facilities:

Insomnia and sleeplessness
Shortness of breath, panic attacks, and rapid heart rate
Symptoms of bipolar
Stomach problems and inability to eat
Nervous and anxious stomach
Social phobias that become amplified following years of dependency
Brain zaps
Despair and fear
Perceiving yourself as having a deficiency to benzo or believing that you are a drug addict
Itching skin and a crawling sensation

Detox Centers for Benzodiazepine

Are all medical facilities for detox the same?

Can you find detox centers that specialize in detox from benzodiazepine?

Why do all medical facilities for detox not have the know-how to ensure that people can safely withdraw from years of benzodiazepine dependency?

Benzodiazepine Detox: Facts

General facilities for medical detox are not the same

A typical facility for detox, including those that are generally associated with drug rehabilitation for the rich and famous do not have the experience required for coping with people who are detoxing from benzos. When difficulty arises, the norm is to simply switch the benzo drug for another one, in the hope that the person will recover fully at some point in the future.

There are detox centers that specialize in Benzodiazepine detox

Across the US you will find a very small number of centers that are specialized and experienced in benzo detox and that are adapted for the purpose, using their own specialist protocol. Two integrative centers for detox from benzos can be found in Agora, BC, Canada, and in Novus, FL, USA. By conducting a Google search, you will be able to find more similar centers.

Benzo Addiction in Canada and the US: Why Has it Skyrocketed?

Back in the 1960’s, the target audience for benzo was housewives. Benzo, in pill form, would be known as “mothers little helper”

President Bush then went on to remove all restrictions previously in place to stop drug companies directly marketing on TV. The result was a saturation in commercials from pharmaceutical companies and a massive drug addiction across both the US and Canada.

During the 1990’s and the 2000’s, the target audience for benzodiazepine remained to be women, women being far more likely to become prescription benzo-dependent. Even when taken as-per-prescription, it can take as little as 6 week or up to 2 months to become dependent on the drug; this dependency is the same for men. So, men are just as likely to become benzo-dependent.

*Anxious conditions and nervousness are actually made worse by benzo drugs.

*An attempt to reduce or withdraw from benzos only makes these problems worse, and can intensify them to near-paralyzing levels.

*When the user suffers from brain “zaps” her will become even more scared and will return to dependency for comfort and to feel human again

An astounding percentage of detox facilities are not aware of the correct protocol for detox from benzos.

In order to understand how to withdraw correctly, it is important to understand the science behind benzos and the long term effects and damage caused by prolonged use. Medical practice is generally 50 years ahead of honest medical science. What this means is that we will have to wait at least 45 years until the average detox center understands benzo detox, and effective detox methodologies become common knowledge.

So, unless you really want to wait nearly 5 decades, you need to look to integrative detox centers that are already up to date on benzo detox. There are centers across the US and Canada that are qualified and up-to-date in benzo-detox, centers that have already helped dozens of clients that were desperate after having no success trying to detox as per their doctors orders.

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